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Understanding Markets, Derivatives, Risk-Management and ControlsSM

Understanding Markets, Derivatives, Risk-Management and ControlsSM is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the tools they need to avoid financial disasters. Operations staff, auditors, attorneys, regulators, accountants and others, gain exposure to a host of trading-related risk taking and risk management issues such as market mechanics, financial instruments, and supporting infrastructure. The seminar uses realistic trading sessions to give participants a direct experience in the psychology and momentum of trading through role reversal techniques. By communicating trading issues to non-traders, the seminar underscores the risks of trading, portfolio and investment activities, and the areas that need support and supervision.


Topics covered by this program include:

  • Trading, hedging, funding

  • Futures and forward markets

  • Swaps and options

  • Institutional trading risks

  • Components of an effective infrastructure


Currency Plain EnglishSM

Currency plain EnglishSM is a comprehensive two day progam introducing forex novices to the fundamentals and factors that drive foreign exchange markets, risk management and position management techniques along with useful technical analysis.

Even savvy traders with years of experience can benefit from viewing their markets from the international perspective that this seminar provides.

Everyone involved in the currency markets - traders, salesman, and service providers could benefit from Currency plain EnglishSM.

If your portfolio strategy can be summed up in six words - "Stop Me... Before I Lose Again!"- don't miss this program. It's a survival guide for every trader, but with a particular emphasis on global capital flows. A weak dollar can help the stock market or send it reeling. Understand the implications of foreign capital flows, how to assess them and how to profit by them.

Currency plain EnglishSM will provide you with a powerful methodology for:

  • determining the appropriate risk levels for your trades

  • recognizing the major signals that drive foreign investors, and

  • utilizing the best method of managing the positions for minimizing losses and maximizing profits.

Let the people who help the pro's help you!  

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