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TRCI provides services to the financial, legal and technology industry. TRCI has reviewed currency and fixed-income executions, policies, procedures and controls to find and quantify financial fraud. TRCI trains not only traders, but also bankers, salespersons, corporate treasury staff, accountants, operations staff, auditors and regulators in the areas of capital markets, risk management and policy and control issues; assists senior management in the identification, quantification and management of financial risks, both domestically and internationally; provides law firms with investigative services and litigation support.

Clients and seminar attendees who have benefited from TRCI's expert services include international financial institutions, law firms, technology companies, corporations, auditing or management consulting firms and regulators.

Decades of front and back office experience have given TRCI's consultants an expansive grasp of the issues facing the areas of risk-taking, risk management, trading, sales, management and operations. Their backgrounds have spanned every major financial market including international fixed-income, equity, currency, options, futures and other derivatives.


TRCI has trained policy makers and federal and state regulators, as well as, attendees from the world's largest financial institutions.

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