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Providing services to the financial industry since 1992.

Foreign Currency, Derivatives, Fixed-Income 


We provide help for projects requiring expertise for a broad base of financial issues including Forex, Fixed-Income and Derivative products.  We can help establish or review Policy, Procedure and Control items as well as aid in procuring  staff.  We have provided support for major legal firms engaged in cases involving financial products like Forex, derivatives, and fixed income.


TRCI's seminars are known throughout the professional financial industry. Our programs has served to explain financial concepts, markets and products in a clear, understandable and non-intimidating manner to thousands of  financial professionals for decades.

Cross-Asset Review

TRCI has acted as confidential consultants in legal cases involving major institutions for matters involving sub-optimal cross-asset executions.  By providing us random samples, we can quickly evaluate the caliber of executions that you have experienced. 

Litigation Support

TRCI has provided investigative services and litigation support to the legal and banking industries for some of the most widely reported institutional trading cases.

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